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FAQ - piezo diffuser 'solo'

1. Can other essential oils be used with the diffuser?

Please use 'piezo diffuser aroma oil' with solo. Our 'piezo diffuser aroma oil' is designed with 100% pure natural essential oils and fermentation ethanol for smooth diffusion. Use of unapproved aroma oils will void the warranty and may cause malfunction.

2. What is the oil consumption rate?

Spray amount varies depending on oil used and environment, however, the estimate/average is below.

Scent strength

  • Low: 0.3 ml/h

  • Medium: 1.0 ml/h

  • High: 2.0 ml/h

*Tank holds 180 ml maximum.

3. How far does the scent spread?

The diffuser can cover up to 750 sq ft. (Depends on air flow and surroundings) You can choose 3 scent strength level.

  • Low: diffuses every 60 seconds

  • Medium: every 20 seconds

  • High: every 10 seconds

4. What should I do to change scent?

Please wash the tank according to 5 (see below) and change piezo diffuser aroma oil and oil sticks. We recommend replacing oil sticks in order to enjoy a fresh scent or when you see the oil stick becomes stiff or deformed.

5. How is the diffuser cleaned?

Tank: Rinse the tank several times with tap water. If the inside of the tank is dirty, please wash with mild detergent*, soft brush or sponge.

*Diffuser cleaner (sold separately), absolute ethanol, or rubbing alcohol is also applicable.

Diffusing part: Gently remove the dirt adhering the diffusing part with a cotton swab. Excessive force may cause damage to the diffusing part. If it is dirty, please immerse the swab into the diffuser cleaner (sold separately) or absolute ethanol or rubbing alcohol and clean it.

Main unit and surroundings: Piezo diffuser aroma oil may stick to the diffuser/adjacent areas depending on oil used and environment such as air flow. Please use diffuser cleaner (sold separately) or absolute ethanol or rubbing alcohol to wipe off the oil.

6. Power supply

Please use the USB cable included with the diffuser. This unit is not battery-operated or rechargeable.

7. Diffusion seems to have become weak. What are the solutions?

(1) Is the oil stick properly installed?

Open the cap at the bottom of the stick holder and install the stick correctly and put the cap back. It may take up to 10 minutes for solo to start diffusing when using this product for the first time or after replacing the oil sticks.

(2) Is 'piezo diffuser aroma oil' missing in the tank?

Please refill 'piezo diffuser aroma oil'. The diffuser may not start diffusing instantly with a small amount of piezo aroma oil since it takes more time for the oil stick to absorb the oil.

(3) Is there residual oil or dust on the diffusing part?

Using a cotton swab, lightly wipe the diffusing part. Soak a cotton swab with diffuser cleaner (sold separately) or absolute ethanol or rubbing alcohol to clean the diffusing part if it persists.

(4) Has the oil stick aged?

Replace oil sticks if you still see a weak diffusion even after (1) (2) (3) procedures above. Contact the sales outlet where you purchased the product if none of the above works.

8. Is there a Timer function?

The diffuser has an Auto-off function. It turns off in 12 hours.

9. Can the LED light be turned on/off?

You can turn LED light on/off by holding down the operation mode switching button.

10. Can it be used outside?

This product is indoor use only.

11. How long is the warranty?

The warranty is valid for one year after the diffuser is purchased. A fire, natural disasters or any damage due to improper use voids warranty.


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